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How to Sell My Home for a Flat Fee

If you are a newbie, selling your house without a real estate agent could be challenging. The paperwork, the lack of exposure, and managing agreements make the process more difficult. You should work with real estate agents and be familiar with the MLS. This article lets you know how to list on the Multiple Listing System (MLS).

What is a Flat Fee MLS listing?

Using a flat fee MLS listing service, you can sell your home without hiring a traditional real estate agent. A flat fee MLS listing service will assist you in marketing your home by adding it to your local Multiple Listing Service if you decide to sell your house on your own, often known as FSBO.

Why use Flat Fee MLS?

  • Paying a listing agent a 3% commission is more expensive than using a flat rate MLS provider.
  • You will still be liable for the entire buyer’s agent commission, typically between 2 and 3% of the sale price, despite paying less for the seller’s agent.
  • Flat Fee MLS listing will automatically syndicate to Zillow,, Trulia, and Redfin to enhance your home’s online presence.

What steps are listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)?

Here is the answer to how to sell my home using flat fee MLS:

  • Pick the Flat Fee MLS listing service with the lowest price, such as Houzeo.
  • Select a plan that delivers additional advantages while meeting your needs.
  • Upload photographs and information about the property.
  • Complete the listing agreement, and they will list your property on MLS in one business day.

How to list on MLS with Flat Fee Realtors?

You must fill out Forms at the beginning of the process, usually online rather than on paper. Remember that since this is a real estate listing service, you must add all relevant details about your home to ensure the listing is complete and accurate.

The listing agent will be listed as the broker for the listing service who will enter the provided information into the MLS. You must include the homeowner’s contact information in the listing, so buyer’s agents can set up viewings, handle negotiations, or seek additional information.

How to find a good flat fee MLS?

By following these steps, you can get a good flat fee MLS:

  • Read the terms and conditions completely.
  • The most common criticism of companies in the flat-fee MLS is random fees.
  • Carefully review the contract, and terminate it if it is incorrect.
  • Consider reading user reviews before you buy. Having numerous reviews with the same problem can decrease your sales.

Traditional Agent vs. Flat Fee MLS

In contrast to a flat fee MLS agent, a full-service realtor often charges 2.5–3 % of the listing price. Although they only offer a restricted range of services or charge extra for extras like open houses or drone photography, some budget brokers charge a flat cost or a low commission.

Which MLS listing service is the best?

When selecting which flat fee MLS listing service to choose, you should consider a few things when conducting your study.

Greater Exposure

Working with the best flat fee MLS listing provider with access to the majority of MLS listing sites in your state and a network of registered real estate brokers is important. You want your listing to appear in as many local MLS databases as possible for the greatest visibility. Make sure the business you partner with, such as Houzeo, offers comprehensive coverage for all MLSs in your state.

Check out Houzeo reviews for more information.

Excellent Customer Support

Customer assistance is another quality to look for in an MLS listing service. You want to know that you may get assistance if necessary if you encounter difficulties throughout any stage of the house selling process. Your request could be as straightforward as uploading a picture or amending the description of your MLS listing, but if the business is entirely unresponsive, you might be in trouble.

Cancellation Policies

It is a good sign if the MLS listing service has many ways to contact them, including their contact information. If contacting the business is difficult, you might want to think twice. Quality MLS listing services will also include terms for immediate cancellation if you decide not to use their services moving forward.

Advantages of Flat-fee realtors

The following are some benefits of using flat-fee realtors:

Saving Money

Using a flat fee service, you will normally pay less to access the MLS. Clever Real Estate Reviews indicate that they charge 1% listing fees. Their services seem great compared to the typical real estate agent commission of 5 to 6%. These start-up companies offer extra marketing, counseling, and home photography services.

Taking the Lead

Choosing how to sell your house is entirely up to you. You have full control over the negotiation process, including setting the price and selecting the available showings.

Drawbacks of flat-fee realtors

The following are some negative aspects of flat-fee realtors:

Having Trouble Selling

Even in a perfect market, selling your house on your own might be challenging because there are so many purchasers seeking properties that are comparable to yours. You will have a lot to do to make sure the transaction goes through if you decide to go it alone.

Maintaining legal

It is simple to miss anything crucial if you are new to undertaking all the effort necessary when selling a home. If you had utilized a real estate agent to sell your house, these problems with the law might not have arisen because of the missing.

Selling Cheaper

When a real estate agent does not fully advertise a home, it usually takes longer to sell. Even after paying commission fees, FSBO properties typically sell for less.


If you’re unsure how to advertise your home on the MLS without a real estate agent, it is possible but will cost money. There are discount brokers who will manage the listing in return for cash. You can look up discount realtors nearby on Google and get in touch with them.

If you want to work with an agency, you should ask how to join the MLS during the initial interview. At that meeting, they need to be able to walk you through the process, including where you should list your home and other strategies they want to employ.

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