Laptop vs. Computer: A guide by a mobile and computer repair store in Burlington On

Computers or desktop PCs have been around us for decades. But as technology advances, we have witnessed an increment in laptop popularity. Also, getting cheap laptop repair offers at every mobile and computer repair store in Burlington, On, is the cherry on top. 

Laptops are the need of time. Nonetheless, computers have still got the workspace covered. None of these tech devices will be obsoleted anytime soon. 

 However, every tech gadget has its pros and cons. This article will provide a thorough guide about both to help you decide which one is best suited for you. 

Comparative analysis by a mobile and computer repair store in Burlington, On, about laptop vs pc 

 It is one of the much-discussed topics among the masses. However, no matter which one you ought to buy, it is essential to know the repercussions of it.


The reason why laptops are in-demand today is because of portability. You can easily carry a laptop with you in your backpack. You can work from anywhere. All you need is a strong internet connection and a socket to plug in the charger if it drains.

 But can’t enjoy such liberty with Pc. You are bound to sit in front of it and work where it is kept. You can’t move it or take it anywhere. In this scenario, laptops are the clear winner.


The affordability factor plays a crucial role in buying tech gadgets. If you can not afford it, you can’t buy it. We compare the price of these tech devices. Then computers are more affordable than laptops. 

Also, the repair cost of computers is cheaper and more economical. For comparison, you can take a quote from any computer repair store in Burlington.

Device performance

A considerable exterior gives an edge to the computers in this factor. More space means more hardware which makes the device efficient and powerful. 

You can’t expect such quality from a laptop. However, you can install external storage at any computer repair shop in Burlington, Ontario.

Easy upgrades

In terms of upgrading, desktop computers outshine laptops. You can upgrade RAM, graphic chip, monitor size, keyboard and mouse. At the same time, a pc does allow you to do so.

Moreover, replacing desktop units is far more convenient and cheap than getting a laptop screen replacement. Many computer repair stores in Burlington are willing to offer customers repair deals at an economical price.

Battery operated

A desktop computer doesn’t run on batteries; you can easily switch it on via power cable. Whereas running on a battery laptop does provide users freedom from adapters. However, laptop batteries can become problematic over time. It can affect your productivity and workflow. You find a good 

 computer repair shops in Burlington, Ontario, for a quick battery replacement.

How to identify if your laptop needs battery replacement at a computer repair store in Burlington?

There are many ways you can identify a dead battery. But the most common ones are :

  • Sudden black screen
  • Screen freezes
  • Declined battery capacity
  • Overheating
  • Battery diagnosis errors

The extensive use of gadgets like smartphones, tablets, iPads and laptops can cause battery issues. However, a skilled technician working at a mobile and computer repair store in Burlington, On, can provide workable solutions for it.


In summary, choosing between a laptop and a desktop computer can be confusing. However, it depends on what is best suited for you. Consider buying a desktop computer if you work with heavy software and files. If not, a laptop can be the most efficient device you can carry anywhere. Also, laptops provide more replacement opportunities than PCs. One of the leading repair stores, Tech Emporium, a mobile and computer repair store based in Burlington, On,

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